Demons (DEMO)


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released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved


ESCAPE Flanders, Belgium

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Track Name: Poisoned Minds
Look at yourself no dignity no pride
Trying to impress, but your life is a mess
Isolated by technology
Simple things that you have never seen
Don’t want to end on the streets
That’s where life ends for me
Poisoned minds
The ones I despise
Get yourself together, get a fucking life
Everything you love and all of your dreams
You gotta do something to make them all real
All the times that you fell down
Try to pick you up, but you stay to the ground
In another grave
Kept digging in this silent rage
But you kept going on and on
A fucking low life, that is what you are
A fucking low life, now get a life you bitch
Track Name: Death and Despair
There's so much war ,
I cannot believe,
killing in the streets
and cities under siege violation on our freedom ,
all rights taken away,
we've seen the results before
I don't think we can handle much more
we have seen the results before,
Why don't you understand ,
why do we still deny ,
keep following the rules and peace is a lie,
when will there be peace ,
when will there be freedom ,
you can cross a border without becoming a victim of prejudice ,
As I ask myself scarred and scared how long will it take
until death and despair
Track Name: Mindfolded
I feel everything you feel,
And I see everything you see,
and I roam through the same void ,
as I see you slipping away,
into the abyss,
into the gates of hell,
mindfolded you're walking in to hell,
going straight for the image they sell,
What is wrong with your kind ,
What is wrong with your mind,
one thing I'll know for sure ,
you will never get me blind,
you will never get my mind
you will never get me blind,
you won't believe there's another way ,
a path where you won't get betrayed
Track Name: T.H.T.S.
Take control
Off the life that you live
Do you wanna spent the rest of it
being their bitch
Don't want to live my life being chained
I can only hope
That time will heal
All the wounds
And the hate they seed
You can't denie
We're living in their lies
A broken circle
A broken system
A society that barely knows
The hatethey seed!
Track Name: The Hammer
I don't care how long it's been,
this is just a fight you will never win ,
no hiding no running away,
didn't you had a price to pay,
The Hammer,
will strike you down,
there is no escape and you don't have to run
'cause the hammer of justice strikes you down,
with blood on your hands ,
poisoning yourself ,
roaming in the deepest circles of hell ,
like a shadow in the dark you won't see it come
but the hammer of justice strikes you down